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#1 Tue 12 July 2022 11:36


[STAGE] Télédétection chez UNOSAT - Genève (Suisse)

UNOSAT propose  un stage de 6 mois  au sein de son équipe de cartographie rapide dans les domaines de la télédétection et des SIG. (septembre 2021 - février 2022): Date exacte de début du stage à convenir.
Pour plus de détails, voir le descriptif du poste en bas en langue anglaise.  Veuillez svp adresser vos candidatures en anglais à l'adresse suivante:

General objectives of the contract: The Trainee will primarily focus on supporting with geospatial analysis and mapping UNOSAT’s humanitarian rapid mapping service as well as other Geospatial related activities as part of UNOSAT’s project portfolio.
Responsibilities/description of professional services: The Trainee will support UNOSAT programme by:
•    Undertaking GIS and RS analysis following activation requests for preliminary  impact analysis and damage assessment using both radar and/or optical images including the production of static maps, situation reports and web services (e.g. web maps, story maps and dashboards);
•    Performing geometric processing, calibration and atmospheric corrections of radar data for hydrological applications including flood mapping;
•    Performing multi-temporal satellite imagery analysis using automated python codes;
•    Undertaking applied research to explore the implementation of data sharing portals for vectors and satellite imagery analysis results;
•    Contributing to the development of operational dashboards and AI/DL-based results dissemination tools and platform(s);
•    Updating the UNOSAT’s flood portal and explore possibilities for service upgrade;
•    Undertaking applied research work by searching background information on disaster-related humanitarian and human security crises, testing new tools and methodologies for rapid mapping applications;
•    Identifying suitable/available satellite images from online catalogues, developing analytical methods for multispectral imagery analysis including the extraction of geospatial information from social media, and other sources;
•    Providing assistance to draft technical reports, communication material and presentations for information sharing sessions and/or training events (when required);
•    Performing any other duties as required.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the collaboration, the trainee will:

•    Gain practical experience in GIT and EO applications to support Disaster Risk Reduction, Humanitarian Response and Post Disaster Needs Assessment;
•    Increase knowledge in the use of GIT/EO to support the UN system, its Member States including international and  regional organizations (i.e. NGOs);
•    Apply time and project management skills to respect tight deadlines.

Measurable outputs/deliverables/schedule of deliverables:
•    Ensure timely production of high quality geo-spatial analysis as required to support emergency response operations;
•    Apply appropriate methods for feature extraction from satellite images and creation of geographic datasets as results of satellite data analyses according to the standards and formats set by UNOSAT;
•    High-quality documentation, presentations and visuals to be used for training activities and awareness raising events;
•    Ensure timely updates of databases, data sharing platforms and web-services;
•    Production of high-quality PDF maps, story maps and/or live web maps using ArcGIS and/or QGIS software according to UNOSAT’s quality standards;
•    Production of basic toolboxes for image processing.
•    Assist the UNOSAT team by drafting and/or proofreading technical reports as well as material for training events and outreach and communication purposes;
Performance Indicators for evaluation of results:
•    High quality contribution to all tasks/activities outlined;
•    Ability to complete tasks independently according to set deadlines;
•    Demonstrated competence to work within a multicultural team.


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