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Le programme est riche, mais vous trouverez bien un  moment pour venir faire une pause au stand GeoRezo, et rencontrer les animateurs du portail francophone de la géomatique.

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[CDD] Database manager/cartographer - Chambéry (73)

Adresse de l'expéditeur :


I.  Background
Founded in 2006, CartONG is a French non-governmental organization committed to furthering the use of geographic information tools to improve data gathering and analysis for emergency relief and development programs around the world.
New technologies including mobile applications, GPS and satellite images can be used to bring together vital information about people's needs as never before. From determining the locations and health of people trapped under buildings after an earthquake, to tracking cholera cases in an urban slum, up-to-date and geographically specific information helps save lives and improves the lives of people in the community. To find out more about how geographic information is used around the world to improve people's lives, see this list of CartONG projects and services.
CartONG enables emergency relief and development organizations and local governments to manage their own existing data, integrate other data sources and then use that data to plan programs and monitor progress and impact. In our work, we focus on listening closely to the needs of the community, as well as training local people. This ensures that projects are sustainable and tailored to the needs and priorities of the people we are seeking to assist.

Currently, CartONG is seeking a Database manager/cartographer:

II.  Position
You will be in charge of managing CartONG’s and our partners’ geographic databases, as well as contributing to mapping activities.
You will be included in CartONG’s team providing support to our partners such as Médecins Sans Frontières and other NGOs. Your work will allow our team of cartographers to produce quality and timely maps and GIS products for our partners, both in long-term activities and of disasters responses.
You will be based at our headquarters in Chambéry, at the heart of the French Alps (1h from Geneva and Lyon, 3h from Paris).

Contract type: fixed-term (CDD), 1 year extendable
Start date: As soon as possible
Work station: Chambéry (France)
Worktime: 39h/week
Salary: 2000 to 2400€ (brut), depending of experience

III.  Task and Duties
In this context, your assignments are:
•    In collaboration with the technical team within CartONG, building geodatabases according to template and processes
•    Design and implement databases to respond to projects needs, ensure replicability of databases when required
•    Improve and systematize data collection, data mining and integration of GIS data in the database
•    Working on ArcGIS Server, for publishing and maintaining services
•    Support MSF and other partners mapping requests
•    Participate to activities supporting CartONG's associative mission whenever possible and relevant (life of the structure, support to volunteer and general projects, communication, events)

The position is mainly based at HQ, with periodic visits to partners’ office in Europe. Deployment to the field could be possible depending on the staff’s interests and abilities but are not mandatory. The position requires availability and flexibility, two characteristics inherent in the context of emergency humanitarian organizations (late work, rush situation).

IV.  Skills & experience
Experience: at least 3 years professional experience in GIS/Database Management/cartography. Experience in the humanitarian sector will be an asset.

Technical skills:
•    GIS: strong experience with ArcGIS 10.5. Experience with ArcGIS server 10.5.
•    Strong Knowledge of databases: PostgreSQL
•    Programming (JavaScript, etc.), an asset
•    Knowledge of OpenStreetMap’s tools and project, an asset

Soft skills:
•    Autonomy and proactivity
•    Detail-oriented
•    Integrity, commitment to the humanitarian and associative project of CartONG
•    Work in a multicultural environment
•    Good communication skills
•    Interest for humanitarian action and principles

Languages: proficiency in French and English are mandatory.
Qualification: Minimum a bachelors’ degree (Bac+3) in GIS/cartography and/or database management. Master’s degree, an asset


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