A project from

Andrew Canfield




Andrew has put together in the GeoMapBatch.zip all the files required to assemble a project using the 
Geocoding Engine coming with MapMarker. It might be of interest to those who are using that program and 
think about developping some frontend for it, because it contains among other information the call 
definitions to the Geocoding Engine.

The purpose of this app is to submit to MapMarker batches of addresses, an evolution on the MB code 
coming with the MapMarker software that runs one address at the time. It reads in a text file of 
addresses, verifies them (runs them against the zp4 app in the US case) and calls on MapMarker for the 
final geocoding.

The code is not fully "universal". Some elements must be adjusted to reflect the regional situation 
(written for USA, it may require adjustments for another country for which MapMarker exists) and local 
setup (some directories).

This set of files contains a MapBasic project file (FindAddr.MBP) that links into the GeoMapBatch.mbx 
three MBO modules (Batchfinder, InitializeAndErrors and Registration, present in the zip as MB files to 
be fine tuned and compiled)

These modules call on (via Include statements) the following .DEF files:
- standard MI: MapBasic, Menu and Icons
- special MI: Defines32 (Prototypes, Defines, Structures and Globals needed to access the MapMarker 
Geocoding Engine from a MapBasic Program), APIRegistry(Declares for ADVAP32.DLL)
- project specific: GlobalVar, Batchfinder, Registration

See Instructions.txt in the zip file this text, more information on this project and how to use the 

June 2002

DOWNLOAD GeoMapBatch.zip