MI/MB free resources on the WEB

This page is an on-going compilation of sites offering resources for MI users with the limitation that they should be free. In the area of applications, that notion includes freeware, shareware and trial/evaluation/limited_capacity software. Help covers all technical tips, MB programming hints and MB code scripts.

The quality of such a page resides in its constant upgrading not only of the elements in the list (inclusion of all known potential links)  but also of the details of each link (proper url, exact description)

Contribute to that undertaking by signaling me missing links and omitted or inexact details. E-mail me at mailto:jacques@paris-pc-gis.com  

The sites are regrouped in five categories: 

Official regroups MapInfo official site (MI home and "national" distributors)

Depot houses productions from other sources. Very useful way to distribute resources when one does not "own" a site. Not always up to date as far as latest versions of resources and links. Always better to check the author's site if it is known.

User Group is a variation on depot with perhaps more emphasis on FAQ and user support and less on the depot itself.

Source offers at least one free application or some "help" among its offerings 

Evaluation only for sites that offer only a trial/evaluation version (excluded are pure demo not operational offerings)



MapInfo Corporation English
Access: >> Products & Services | Demos or http://www.mapinfo.com/products/demos/index.cfm  thne MI Pro  Demos, Evaluations and useful applications (1)
Access: >>Support & Training | Downloads  or http://www.mapinfo.com/support/downloads/index.cfm  then MapBasic Utilities

Mbx (2)


Access: >>Support & Training | Knowledge Base or http://testdrive.mapinfo.com/kbase_by_product  Knowledge base for MapInfo and MapBasic

     (1) Such as MILISTED (MI Line Editor)

     (2) Projection Check, PixShow, Line Director, MagicMove, Label Tool, plus the MapBasc version 4.0 utilities

last validation date: 07/08/2003

MapInfo Corporation.  English
Access: Mapping | MapInfo Professional | Demo/Downloads

Demos, patches and tools.(1)

Help (2)

Access: Mapping | MapBasic | Demo/Downloads MapBasic Utilities versions 3 and 4
Requires Passport (UserName + PassWord)  

     (1) EasyLoader, MiLiStEd, Dem2Grid, MrSid, Governent Raster Handlers, AG*Link, MapInfo Color Palette

     (2) MapBasic Support DLL for CodeWright, Integrated Mapping, MIF file format,

last validation date: 01/05/2002
Distributeur officiel pour la France Français
Access: SIG | Gratuit Applications (1)
Access:www.claritas.fr/index_faq.htm Help (2)

(1) Evaluation: ChronoMap, ChronoVia, AddessXy.  Aides: Modèle Objet MapExtreme et ChronoX

(2) Aide: Questions fréquemment demandées

last validation date:29/04/2002

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DirectionsMag depot. English
Access: Direct Tools, Tips, Documents
last validation date: 01/05/2002
Geo Community depot English
Access: Direct  
last validation date: 01/05/2002
GIS-News German edition German (1)
Access: Direct  

(1) most application descriptions are in English. Too many to list here.

last validation date: 14/04/2002 (? 01/05/2002)
Australian Computer Society. This link is the download page of IAA (also in Source) English
Access:direct Mb/Mbx (1)

(1) Cre8Line, CrossTab, PacWorld, Rnd32, SDS, SetScale, StreetNr, SymMap, TabInfo, Ticks, XBrowser

last validation date: 22/07/2002

General download facility. Several MI/MB files are available, most from other sites in this page. Must search because no specific category. Listed are those not located elsewhere. English
Access:direct Mb/Mbx (1)

(1) GeoMapSymbol

last validation date: 02/05/2002

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Genève, CHE


Access:Documents | Outils

Mbx (1)

Access:Documents | Trucs et Astuces

Help (2)

Access:Documents | Ordres du jour (PV) des réunions passées

Help + (3)

(1) Too many MBX to list here. Most are repeat from other sites.

(2) FAQ

(3) Agenda with sometimes minutes and the documents and/or software presented in the meeting. Ex.: 2002_01_31deals in part with SVG

last validation date:23/05/2002



North West (Seattle) User Group



Mbx (1)

(1) PreviousViews.MBX

last validation date:29/04/2002



New Zealand Local Government User Group




last validation date:10/04/2003

New Zealand User Group English
Access: MUG's  more  
last validation date: 01/05/2002


United Kingdom User Group


Access: requires membership user name/password


Access: www.muguk.com/public/index.php 


(1) public discussion on the BS7666 ToolBox

last validation date:29/04/2002

New Zealand Mountain Bike Association !!!! English
Access: Direct

Info (1)

Help (2)

(1) A World map with the locations of MIL members. Add your own

(2) A MapInfo Guide from issues raised on mapinfo-l

last validation date: 03/05/2002

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4th Beach Software (Michael O'Toole) English
Access: Direct Mbx (1) - Help (2)

     (1) TBrowser (beta), Workspace Control

     (2) discussion forum for TBrowser

last validation date:29/04/2002


CDR Group English
Access: Downloads Mbx (1)

    (1) MIBEV BirdsEye View, OSCOPY

last validation date:01/05/2002

http://www.datasolutions.nfnet.com  (a)

http://solutionsgroup.tripod.com/  (b)

Data Solution (Larry Nolan) English

(a) Access: Freeware MapInfo Utilities

(b) Access: MapInfo Utilities


Mbx (1)

Mbx (2)  

Demo (3)

    (1) Imports, Addcolor, Range Manager

    (2) Addcolor, Combiner, Imports, Range Manager

    (3)  MetaMap: metadata collection and search tool

last validation date:01/05/2002


Digital Mapping Solutions English
Access: Downloads  Mbx (1)
    (1) Winscale, AMGGrid, LocalGrid
last validation date: 29/04/2002


GeoClip (Éric Mauvière) English
Access:Direct Info on GeoClip
Access: Getting started | Build your own GeoClip | Download (1)


GeoClip (Éric Mauvière) Français
Access:Direct Information sur GeoClip
Access: À vous de jouer | Construisez votre Geoclip | Téléchargez (1)
    (1) GeoClip application
last validation date: 23/10/2002


GISnet Online (Bill Thoen) English
Access: Mapping Software | GisNet Software  Mbx (1)
    (1) DLG-MIF, Rotate, HexGrid
last validation date: 01/05/2002


Higheer Mapping Solutions (Martin Hodder) English
Access: Products | RouteFinder (1)
    (1) free reduced capacity RouteFinder
last validation date: 02/08/2004


Information Analysis Associates (David M Haycraft) English
Access: Products / Free Tools Mbx (1)

     (1) Cre8Line, CrossTab, PacWorld, SDS, SetScale, StreetNr, SymMap, TabInfo, Ticks, XBrowser

last validation date:  01/05/2002
Integrated Mapping English
Access:MapInfo FAQ Help: FAQ
    Also : Home of New Zealand User Group
last validation date:01/05/2002


Jakob Lanstorp English
Access: UltraEdit setup Help (1)
Access: Download section Mbx +Mb (2)

    (1) help with UltraEdit for MB programers

    (2) PickanResourceIcon, LayerInspector

last validation date:01/05/2002


Thomas Mahn German
Access: Service | Xtras (1)
Access: Service | Tipps und Tricks Help
    (1) Html ImageMapper (evaluation?), Konfigurationsdateien für MultiEdit, RGB Kalkulator
last validation date: 01/05/2002


Geodata Computing Services, Neil Moseley English
Access: Products > Free

Mbx (1)

Resources (2)

    (1)Styleset, Erv2Tab, Metadata, NodeX, Rotate, Shade


last validation date:23/01/2003


Geomatica, Ukraine Ukranian, Russian?
Access: Direct Mbx (1)
    (1)CheckChar, Point2Poly, Pramoi, Divider, LineEdit, MapCheck, FontSet, CoordSysBound, FinfFull, Wall-B, Impt_in4, Batchtable, Encoding, Analyze, StyleSelect
last validation date:29/04/2002



Eric Maranne French, English
Access: Downloads Mbx (1)
Access: Downloads VRML (2)

    (1)ColorLut, TopoCheck

    (2) VRML Tools

last validation date:01/05/2002
Greenwood Mapping Inc. English
Access: Freeware for MapInfo Mbx (1)
    (1) TabWorld, Cogo, Color Converter
last validation date:29/04/2002
Grid Analyser English
Access: Grid Analyser >>> Download Application (1)
    (1) Grid Analyser
last validation date:09/07/2002


James Marlow English
Access: GIS Freeware Dll, Mbx, Mb (1)
    (1) cw3211.dll, ini_api.mb, WhoIsIt, Layout Manager, CloneIt, Common Files, Zoom Manager, AlignIt, Create Radii, NumberIt, SortIt, Old Autolabeling, Symbol Swapper
last validation date:01/05/2002


Jerry Radcliffe's crime analysis page English
Access: Direct Mbx (1)
    (1) Repeat Location Finder (RLF), Scrubber (address cleaner)
last validation date:02/05/2002


Lars on line (Lars Nielsen) Danish, English
Access: Download Link (English) Mbx (1)  DLL(2)  Code (3) Applications (4)

    (1) USym, WebMap, MBtexts, GrCircle, MapSnapshot, MapUpdate, Ma[Xm;Meta, LayersDisplay, RRtools, 

    (2) DLLicons

    (3) MItimer, XMLlib, Calendar

    (4) Xscript engine, MapBasicPreProcessor

last validation date:02/05/2002


map ONE (R H Jannini) English
Access: Stuff | Mapping Tools | Conceptual Mbx (1)
Access: Stuff | Mapping Tools | Freeware Mbx (2)

    (1) XYZ tool

    (2) SupportColor, rMouse, ClickInfo

last validation date:18/05/2002


MapTools SDK (Robert Edwards) English
Access: Direct Help (1)

    (1) Documentation on several subjects (Relaxed spline interpolant, R-tree Index, SVG for raster registration...), several MB functions (integrated with the MB_Resource Center at ww.paris-pc-gis.com), tutorial on Delphi and MB.

last validation date:12/03/2004


Laurent Maumet French
Access: Download Mbx (1)
Access: Download Help (2)

    (1) Winsyncro, appattr, cutter, ExpStruct, OuitlsMep, ProfilTerrain, gestionrequetes, outilHotLink, IMP_MNT_IGN, OutilProViewer, MapInfoManager, outil_points, deplacecentroid, TimerMI

    (2) CrystalReport, Palette_MapInfo, Vertical Mapper, Communication VB-MapInfo, PoliceMapInfo, Wordfile pour UltraEdit

last validation date:12/02/2003


Micro Olap English
Access: GIS related tools and utilities (1)
Access: ... | MBX/VCL free stuff (2)

   (1) MBBuilder (evaluation ?), RasteHandler for Imagine to MI (Evaluation, with 2 free utilities) , MapInfo CallBack Manager (dll)

   (2) TableNavigator, AutoFindSel, DoubleRadioGroup (+MB)

last validation date: 01/05/2002


MI TAB Danish, English
Access: Direct Help (1)
    (1) Open Source (i.e. Free!) C++ library to read and write MapInfo .TAB (binary) and .MIF/MID files. 
last validation date:03/05/2002


Lars Nielsen Danish, English
Access: download link Mbx, Xml (1)
    (1) USym, DLLicons, MItimer, WebMap, MBtexts, GrCircle, MapSnapShot, MapUpdate, XMLlib, MapXmlMeta, LayersDisplay, Xscript Engine, RRtools, Calendar, MBPP MapBasic Pre processor, 
last validation date:01/05/2002


Paris PC Consult (Jacques Paris) French (in part), English
Access: Pages for program downloading Mbx (1)


     Multi Lingual Compatibility / Compatiblilité MultiLingue.

     Application Backwards Compatibility / Compatibilité à rebours des applications.

     MapBasic Resource Center

     MI Environment questions

Help (2)

    (1) Various Mbx and Exe, too many to list here

    (2) Documents, sources, tools

last validation date:03/05/2002


Trey Patillo English
Access: Win32 API Help (1)
Access: DownLoads Mbx (2) Help (3)

    (1) Using WinAPI in Mapbasic

    (2) MultiArc, Move Map, Move Raster, Show DMS, Split Poly, Perma TIC, Make Points, Batch Pack, Sur Line (evaluation?), Launch APP, HtmlView, SelTrack, Point 2 Polygon, Fix WOR

    (3) OLE Automation for Delphi 4, Integrated Callback (Delphi 4, VB5), Creating & Calling Delphi DLL's

last validation date:01/05/2002


Relief Gis Consulting and Software English
Access: Download Mbx (1)
    (1) AddLegendStyle, AddStyle, CharCode, ColorIt, Dissolve, Random Selection, Relief Utilitilities (25 tools), SetStartUpStyle
warning: link seems broken  17/01/2005


RouteWare English
Access: Download Applications (1)
Access: Download Mbx (2) 

    (1) RW Net and RouteFinder free versions, Tab2Mif, Shp2Mif

    (2) Swap-oneway, Convex Hull, ToolBox for MI (evaluation)

last validation date:01/04/2002


Schlosser GeographicSystems Inc English
Access: contents | SGSI Programming | SGSI Applications demo (1)
Access: contents | NorthWest MI users group | MI technical tips from SGSI tips and tools 

(1) Multi-Print

last validation date: 15/04/2002


Sea Map - Spatial Analysis & Mapping of Natural Resources English
Access: Downloads Mbx (1)

    (1) Graticule, TileTab

last validation date:01/05/2002


Ing.-Büro Christian Singer German, English
Access: Freeware Mbx (1)

    (1) GlobalUTM, GarFile, AutoLegend

last validation date:30/09/2002


South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission English
Access: Projects/GISRS >> MapInfo Help (1)
Access: www.sopac.org.fj/Projects/GISRS/Map/MapBasic/default.html MBX (2)

    (1) Several some texts with good hints for beginners

    (2) Sopac.mbx (data center menu and toolbar)

last validation date:18/05/2002


Spatial Plus English
Access: Products Mbx (1)
Access: Resources Help (2)

    (1) Layers Plus, Link Plus, Gui Plus, Contours to Dxf Plus, Copy Plus, Search Plus

    (2) Knowledge Base (FAQ)

last validation date:01/05/2002


Stopwatch Maps (Joe Bolian) English
Access: Downloads | Products | MbxVer | Download Mbx (1)

    (1) MbxVer

last validation date:03/05/2002

Marconi - Vertical Mapper English
Access: Downloads Mbx (1)

    (1) Symbol Plotter, Raster handler

last validation date:03/05/2002


MiCad (Chow) English
Access: Download "Micad Trial v2.1" Demo 
Access: Download "Other Utilities" Mbx (1)

    (1) Intersect

last validation date:19/05/2002


Easy GPS  
Access: Downloads (download from Download.com) (1)
    (1) EasyGPS
last validation date: 01/05/2002


Philip Waight  



        Free Tools/Download Tools




   (1)  LayMan (Layer Control, unregistered)

   (2)  LayerOrder, MBTestBench

last validation date:20/08/2002



Chao Phraya Delta Research and Reference Site  
Access: Free Stuff | Gis Section | MapInfo Mbx (1)
   (1)  Specfill, Slimmer, Distpp, Searchtx, Arrow.tab
last validation date:01/05/2002

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Aligned Assets English 
Access: Download  
     MapTree, EasyPlot
last validation date: 01/05/2002
Alta 4 English - German
Access: Direct  
     HTML ImageMapper
last validation date: 15/04/2002
EverMap Company English
Access: Direct  

EverName label placement utility

last validation date: 15/04/2002
Gold Tools for MapInfo English
Access: Direct  

Fill Pattern Editor, MapInfo Tools

last validation date:  29/08/2002
Great Circle English
Access: Terrain Modelling | Relief  


last validation date:  03/05/2002
Magellan Ingénierie French, English
Access: via specific product  

Chronomap, ChronoVia

last validation date:  03/05/2002
MapImagery Limited English
Access: Direct  

MapImagery Professional

last validation date:  03/05/2002
Mercator GeoSystems English
Access: Download  
    Triangulator, HotSpot, ContourGrid
last validation date:28/03/2003
The MapTools Company (Robert Edwards) English
Access: request by by e-mail  
    RasTools, QuickPix, TnTools, MapTools SDK
last validation date:29/04/2002
Maps by Design English
Access: Free  
    ProPrinter version 4
last validation date:01/05/2002
Meridian English
Access: Products >> Compass  
    Compass: GIS Data and Metadata Management
last validation date:19/05/2002
SmartImage English
Access: Free  
last validation date:03/05/2002


Ducom Software Inc English
Access: Products  
last validation date:01/05/2002


Data Directions English
Access: Download  
    Data Assistant : the multipurpose data validation, data querying and table update utility for MapInfo
last validation date:01/05/2002


Empower Geographics English
Access: Free  
    Workspace Manager: add-on for managing and distributing the data files in a MapInfo workspace
last validation date:31/05/2002


Map Logix English
Access: Try it now  
last validation date:07/05/2002

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