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How to Make Felt Heart Ornaments with Kids

As a parent and a sewist, you must love craft sessions when you make crafts with kids. Felt heart ornaments are just one of these adorable projects, which your child can do with a little bit of your help. 

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Why Should You Make Felt Heart Ornaments with Your Child? 

Through this project, you can teach your kid fundamental hand-sewing techniques as well as fine motor skills. Perhaps the best thing about this task is that it doesn’t demand high sewing expertise from the parents. So whether you’re an experienced sewist or only know some basics, you can enjoy making felt heart ornaments with your kid. 

However, only do this project with your child if he or she is at least 4 years old. Moreover, consistently supervise him/her during the sewing process to avoid any unexpected mishaps and achieve the desired outcomes. 

If you wish to buy a sewing kit designed with kids’ needs in mind, please visit CraftsSelection website. For your convenience, we have shortlisted top-rated choices after comparing their features and testing them in the lab for many weeks. In addition, we offer sewing product buying guides with practical tips to help you get the desired tools and supplies.

Without any further ado, let us begin the guide with the needed materials and then explain the process of making felt heart ornaments now.

Materials You Need for Making Felt Heart Ornaments

-Felt in different colors

-A heart cookie cutter or a paper template

-Embroidery thread


-A key ring




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Start Making Felt Heart with Kids – Step-By-Step Procedure

Step 1 – Let your kids choose the color for threads and hearts. 

Step 2 – Draw out the shape of the heart using your cookie cutter or paper template. Cut out the small heart first and then cut out two hearts using it as a template, keeping at least a 2mm gap. 

Step 3 – Now place the ribbon in the right position, and secure and strengthen it with some stitches. You can use glue for this purpose but stitches work better. 

Step 4 – Sew the small heart at the large heart. 

Step 5 – Sew large hearts 3/4 of the way around running a simple stitch- the stitch where the needle goes down and up along the fabric. Don’t forget to hold the corner steady, which will help your kid make perfect stitches. 

Step 6 – When your kids complete sewing 3/4 of the way around, ask them to stuff the heart with some old wool or any other stuff you have handy. Once done, give the final touches to the stuffed heart if needed. 

Step 7 – After stuffing the heart, finish sewing the left 1/4 of the heart. Ask your children to secure the thread at the end and cut it. 

Step 8 – Finally, you’ve made a felt heart ornament with your children. Doesn’t it look lovely? You can use it for keys, book bags, or even a little decorative item. Your kids can either use it or give it to friends or family members. 


You see how easy it is to make felt heart ornaments with kids. Do try it with your children today to boost their sewing skills and interest. If you want to see our recommended list of best products and sewing projects you can do with your children, please check out CraftsSelection website. Happy making felt hearts with your little ones.

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