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Les GeoDataDays 2021 auront lieu les 15 et 16 septembre 2021 à Grenoble


Evénement national de référence et indépendant de la géographie numérique en France, cette rencontre est organisée par l'Afigéo et DécryptaGéo, en partenariat avec une plateforme régionale d'information géographique et des collectivités territoriales associées

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes et le programme disponible !

#1 Fri 04 June 2021 19:24

Laurent Feuilleaubois

[STAGE/CDI] SIG Risques Climatiques Startup - Oslo, Norvege (Anglais)


Paid 3-6 month internship with the opportunity to join full-time if successful
Oslo, Norway


Mitigrate is a venture capital-backed cleantech company targeting the increasing problem of physical climate risk. Mitigrate is developing software to help insurances and banks reduce their exposure to climate risk by identifying the main threats to their portfolio and provide clear solutions to make properties safer. We are currently a team of 4 and are growing quickly thanks to a recent investment from the venture capital company Antler. We are looking for a candidate who is excited to join a startup and take part in the journey of building impactful software from 0 to 1. Should this internship be a success, the prospect of further employment is a possible outcome.


The project focuses on aggregating GIS data sources from various origins on climate risks available in different formats, as well as climate scenarios, morphology data, and non-geographic data such as insurance claim data. Harmonisation will be a key step in the establishment of the database. The candidate will have the opportunity to choose which technology to use, defend his choice to the rest of the team, and will be able to interact with senior GIS professionals to review their main decisions. The database will be cloud-native and will be searchable through queries using elastic search, SQL or the like.

The candidate will have the opportunity to showcase how to write powerful queries extracting valuable information from the database to draw the risk profile of properties and contextualize this risk using analytics to integrate climate model scenarios to predict claim data.


Tehnical: Geomatic / QGIS or ArcGIS / Geodatabase, PostgreSQL / SQL / Python / Cloud

Language: Fluent in English

Personal interest: Climate science / International flexibility / Impact driven / Willingness to work autonomously / Team spirit

Message from the team:

We are at a very exciting stage of our development and growth. Joining a startup at such an early time will give the successful candidate the opportunity to not only work with geomatics but also learn about all sides of creating software and a business from scratch in an organization at a human scale. If you think this is something for you, please send us your one-page resume and a short cover letter. In the meantime, we are available should you have questions about Mitigrate. Our working language is English.

To apply:


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