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[livre] - STANDIFORD K., STANDIFORD D., STANDIFORD D. - 2001 - Descriptive Geometry: An Integrated Approach Using Autocad - Delmar Thomson Learning.

Rubrique : Manuels logiciels / Autocad

Description : Today's most popular software applications -AutoCAD, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel - are used in Descriptive Geometry: An Integrated Approach Using AutoCAD to assist readers in developing a complete understanding of the principles involved in graphically describing a technical project through the use of descriptive geometry. Emphasis on learning to apply descriptive geometry principles to solve real-world problems accurately and efficiently, with the use of AutoCAD, is incorporated into 75% of the solutions to problems presented in the book. In addition to numerous practice problems requiring the use of AutoCAD, each chapter of Descriptive Geometry also invites readers to utilize AutoLISP and Visual LISP programming to solve specific spatial problems. An accompanying interactive, Windows-based CD-ROM containing quick access to definitions, examples, animations, video clips, web links, and practice tests is included for use in conjunction with the book. This unique integration of current technology, plus fundamental instruction in descriptive geometry principles make Descriptive Geometry: An Integrated Approach Using AutoCAD a valuable addition to every successful design-oriented architectural and engineering education and training program. For maximum benefit, the reader should possess a basic understanding of manual drafting, AutoCAD, and the use of spreadsheets prior to beginning study of descriptive geometry using this book. Keywords: Descriptive Geometry

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