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Le portail francophone de la géomatique

[article_ligne] - FRANCIS B., PRITCHARD J. - 2000 - Bertin, lexis and the graphical représentation of event histories - Cybergéo.

Rubrique : Cartographie / Conception - Méthodologie

 Description : After first examining the issues in visualising individual event histories, a description of a new method for viewing such data is given. The technique displays an event history as a pencil-like multi-faceted object in three-dimensional space, with changes of state being represented by changes in colour, texture or height along the length of the pencil. Viewing a single history allows a detailed examination of an individual's life events, and allows the relationship between changes of state in many variables to be examined. The extension of these ideas to viewing populations of event histories is then described. The Lexis diagram provides a suitable paradigm and is used to position the pencils in space. The resulting graphical representation is closely related to the ideas of Bertin, but with some important differences.

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