All files refered to in the various pages are also accessible for direct download from this page. Most have also a link to a "more information" page for details on that file. The available zip files are distributed among three sections:

programs = MapBasic applications. They generally contain the mbx, the ini file when one exists, a text file giving some instructions on the programs and its installation
kits and resources = possible collections of various files assembled to give the programmers the necessary tools to reach the goals or to carry some experiments within an on-going project, or single "resource" files on a specific subject (e.g. DLLs)
documents = electronic documents most of the time in a pdf format but zipped for direct download rather than for an automatic Acrobat display
File name Zip size Date loaded Description More info Languages 7 Kb 22.07.05 Suppress all blanks in a 'char' column of an open table details 8 Kb 23.02.01 Change Browser Font details 13 Kb 27.10.00 Kills all open queries details 10 Kb 28.09.01 Draws polyline/polygon from selected points details
DateStringConverter 293kb 10.05.06 Converts various date string formats to digital stings with controlled formats details 9 Kb 27.03.03 Creates tables with centroids dispersed in various positions along a circle 
around the original centroids
details 17 Kb 27.10.00 Explodes multi-segment polylines into single-segment ones details 21 Kb 27.10.00 Explodes multi-polygon regions into single-polygon ones details 14 Kb 22.11.02 Outlines regions of a selection or in a table with a fading pattern details 13 Kb 23.02.01 Transforms a thematic in a "permanently coloured" table details 8 Kb 24.10.00 Fuse objects with identical values in a given column details 15 Kb 28.02.01 Fuses successive plines in one while respecting some conditions details 25 Kb 25.05.01 Places  symbols or tick marks along polylines or hatches a region with evenly spaced lines details 8 Kb 07.09.01 Wipes out a complete section from an INI file, or selected key(s) from a given section. details 6 Kb 24.09.01 Displays in the message window the RowId of the last selected object details 22 Kb




Creates a scalebar in a Layout details 13 Kb 28.02.01 Produces a report of statistics on a given column (more details than with MI, recyclable) details 14 Kb




Adds new functionalities to the MapBasic window details 9 Kb


Fill gaps in multi-section polylines starting with smallest details 8 Kb 25.09.01 Registers and restores positions of button pads details 5 Kb 24.05.01 Restores buttonpad positions at MI launching details 6 Kb 02.01.03 Creates rectangular areas centered on points with dimensions and orientation read from tabular data details 14 Kb 29.09.00 Icon access to preference items details 9 Kb 07.09.01 Changes the direction of a line or a pline. (MLC version of REVERDIR 02/02/98 Arnold McRae) details 10 Kb 06.12.04 Documents and visualises the points used for the registration of a raster image details 6 Kb 02.01.03 Expansion on the "Select All from ..." menu item. Any layer can be used. details 9 Kb 22.11.02 Gives to all the lines in a selection or in a table a fixed length. details 12 Kb 15.12.02 Changes any combination of style settings in the symbols that are part of a selection while keeping the other settings.. details 769 Kb 20.09.03 Displays multiple symbols attached to the same point as a strip made of the symbols present at that point details 10 Kb 07.09.01 Drops a symbol where user clicks and displays data in the Info window. details 18 Kb 27.10.00 To read and change the version stamp of any MBX details 42 Kb 02.11.00 To manage windows setup and parameters details 4 Kb 25.05.01 Restores windows setup and parameters at MI launching details 17 Kb 13.10.00 Navigates through Mapper and Browser windows details 8 Kb 7.11.01 Sets automatic zoom layering of images OFF details

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Kits and Resources
File name Zip size Date loaded Description More info Languages 11 Kb 26.10.00 Manages (MLC_)INI files for adding new language or correcting existing messages details 43 Kb 29.09.00 Programmer's kit to make programs MLC_INI compliant details 43 Ko 29.09.00 A collection of "Notes to translators" in various languages details 19 Kb 15.10.00 Kit for testing language detection procedure details

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File name Zip size Date loaded Description More info Languages 199Kb 26.10.00 Evolution of Mapbasic v3.0 to v6.0 Part 1 : MapBasic Language. pdf In the text 46Kb 26.10.00 Evolution of MapBasic v3.0 to v6.0 Part 2 : Menus, shortcutmenus and buttonpads. pdf In the text 9Kb 26.10.00 Evolution of MapBasic v3.0 to v6.0 Part 3 : Cursors, Drawmodes, Icons . pdf In the text 85Kb 26.10.00 Evolution of MapBasic v3.0 to v6.0 Part 4 : MapBasic Errors. pdf In the text 25Kb 29.09.00 A compilation of MB changes (v3.0 to v6.0) taken from "new features" of the Help files. pdf In the text

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