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    Google Maps Mania

    • sur ? of Rafah’s Buildings Destroyed

      Posted: 19 April 2024, 7:18am CEST by Keir Clarke
      Bloomberg has analysed satellite imagery of the Palestinian city of Rafah and determined that Israel has damaged or destroyed about 32% of the region's buildings.In How the Israel-Hamas War has Reshaped Rafah in Gaza Bloomberg presents a satellite image of the Palestinian city. As you scroll through the article a layer is superimposed on top of this satellite view to show buildings which have
    • sur The American Home Values Map

      Posted: 18 April 2024, 9:04am CEST by Keir Clarke
      Home Values in America is a dot density map showing the self-reported value of homes across the whole United States.The map shows home values across the United States using data from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2018-2022  American Community Survey (ACS). The ACS  is a large-scale survey that gathers information about the American population every year.The colored dots on the map
    • sur The 2024 Cicadapocalypse

      Posted: 17 April 2024, 9:21am CEST by Keir Clarke
      2024 is set to see the emergence of two large periodical cicada broods. Both Brood XIX (13-year cicada) and Brood XIII (17-year cicada), are expected to emerge together in 2024 for the first time since 1803. This double emergence has been nicknamed a "cicada-geddon" by some.Periodical cicadas are native to eastern North America. They spend most of their lives underground as nymphs, feeding
    • sur Backdrop - the Ultimate Challenge

      Posted: 16 April 2024, 6:30am CEST by Keir Clarke
      Backdrop Backdrop is a map based game which is somewhat similar to the very popular GeoGuessr game. However in Backdrop instead of Google Maps Street View images you have to identify the locations depicted in famous paintings by some of history's greatest artists.In GeoGuessr you can stroll around in Street View to pick-up clues as to the location that you have been dropped in. In Backdrop if
    • sur Spikkin Scots

      Posted: 16 April 2024, 2:00am CEST by Keir Clarke
      The Shetland Dialect map allows you to listen to examples of the Shetland Dialect spoken across the Shetland Isles. The Shetland Isles are the northernmost region of the United Kingdom, Shetland, positioned between Orkney, the Faroe Islands, and Norway. Due to the isolated geography of the Shetland Isles the Shetland dialect (also called Shetlandic or auld Shetland) has continued to
    • sur GeoGuessr for Art

      Posted: 15 April 2024, 8:09am CEST by Keir Clarke
      Calling all art sleuths and geography buffs! There's a new game in town that will test your knowledge of both the artistic and the actual world. Buckle up, because Backdrop is here to take you on a virtual journey through the works of the world's most famous artists.Inspired by the wildly popular GeoGuessr, Backdrop throws you into the heart of stunning landscapes and iconic cityscapes, all
    • sur The AI Music Map

      Posted: 13 April 2024, 10:07am CEST by Keir Clarke
      Over the last few days my Twitter feed has been lit up by people sharing the songs that they have created on Udio. For the one or two cave dwellers out there who have only just installed spelunking wi-fi, Udio is an AI-powered music generation tool which allows users to create songs from a text prompt. The tool allows you to create tunes with customized lyrics, vocal styles, and musical
    • sur The 2024 Submarine Cable Map

      Posted: 12 April 2024, 8:36am CEST by Keir Clarke
      Every year the telecommunications company Telegeography releases a new, updated version of its Submarine Cable map. This map shows all the undersea telecommunication cables which carry data around the world.The 2024 Submarine Cable Map is now available. Subsea cables carry telecommunication signals under the oceans, communicating information between different countries and regions of the
    • sur Mapping Conflicts Around the World

      Posted: 11 April 2024, 2:00am CEST by Keir Clarke
      In 2024 the specter of military conflicts haunts the world. Israel is engaged in conflict in Gaza, Russia continues its illegal invasion of Ukraine and the Syrian civil war is now in its thirteenth year. It should be a matter of extreme shame that there are so many organizations who feel the need to publish interactive maps dedicated to tracking the progress of military action around the globe.
    • sur Canada's Hidden Subterranean Rivers

      Posted: 10 April 2024, 10:35am CEST by Keir Clarke
      Canadian cities, like many cities around the world, have a history of hiding waterways underground. As cities grow rivers can become obstacles to the movement of people, can be seen as wasted real-estate, and historically (when cities had poor sanitation) they often became open sewers. For these reasons cities often culvert and divert rivers underground.In Discover Where Ancient Rivers Flow CBC
    • sur 15 Minute US Cities

      Posted: 9 April 2024, 9:59am CEST by Keir Clarke
      The idea of the 15 Minute City is that urban living is much more enjoyable and sustainable when all our essential needs are close by. These essential needs include such things as grocery stores, health care facilities, cultural attractions, transit stops, educational facilities and leisure activities. Individuals living in a 15 Minute neighborhood should be able to access all these essential
    • sur Live from the Sundhnúkur Eruption

      Posted: 8 April 2024, 9:08am CEST by Keir Clarke
      The Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland has been experiencing a period of heightened volcanic activity since December 2023. This follows an increase in seismic activity that began in late 2019. The most recent eruption started on March 16th in Sundhnúkur near the town of Grindavík.You can view a live webcam of volcanic activity in Sundhnúkur on Live from Iceland.  This webcam shows a live
    • sur The D-Day Memorial Map

      Posted: 6 April 2024, 8:52am CEST by Keir Clarke
      KilRoyTrip is an interactive map of World War II memorials in Normandy. It provides a fantastic guide to anyone visiting the region who is interested in the D-Day landings and the liberation of France.The Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day Tuesday, 6 June 1944 was the largest seaborne invasion in history. On D-Day the Allied forces from the United States, Britain, Canada, and other countries
    • sur The US Foreign Assistance Map

      Posted: 5 April 2024, 11:16am CEST by Keir Clarke
      The US government's Foreign Assistance website provides detailed information and data on U.S. foreign assistance programs. The website serves as a central platform for transparency and accountability in U.S. foreign aid efforts. It also provides a fascinating insight into the shifting geo-political ambitions of the United States over the last 75 years.The Foreign Assistance Dashboard reveals
    • sur The Drug Map of Europe

      Posted: 4 April 2024, 8:49am CEST by Keir Clarke
      Cocaine use has been increasing rapidly in Europe over the last seven years. Europeans are also taking more MDMA and ketamine. Every year the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) undertakes an annual wastewater drug survey in order to evaluate trends in the consumption of 'recreational' drugs. By analyzing residues of different recreational drugs in sewage the EMCDDA
    • sur Four Free Alternatives to GeoGuessr

      Posted: 3 April 2024, 10:58am CEST by Keir Clarke
      OpenGuessr I am a huge fan of GeoGuessr, but unfortunately without becoming a paid subscriber it is now a very limited game. I don't blame GeoGuessr for developing its subscription model. The Google Maps API isn't cheap and I'm sure Google sends GeoGuesssr huge invoices every month. However that does mean there is a huge potential market for a free Street View game. A market that OpenGuessr
    • sur Playing Placename Detective

      Posted: 2 April 2024, 10:09am CEST by Keir Clarke
      The British Placenames Mapper is an interactive map which allows you to search for patterns in British placenames. The map uses 'regular expressions' to find defined text patterns within placenames. These text patterns could be prefixes used at the beginning of a name (eg 'Great' or 'Little'), suffixes used at the end of a name (eg 'ford' or 'mouth'), or even patterns that occur anywhere within a
    • sur Highly Artificial Locations

      Posted: 1 April 2024, 1:04am CEST by Keir Clarke
      Today, a revolutionary new AI-powered map has been released that goes beyond traditional navigation. The new map-based search engine Highly Artificial Locations leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to transform how users experience and interact with the world around them.Highly Artificial Locations is more than just a map; it’s an intelligent companion that empowers users to explore
    • sur The Easter Bunny's Egg-cellent Adventure

      Posted: 30 March 2024, 11:14am CET by Keir Clarke
      This year the Easter Bunny has been on a whirlwind world tour, hopping from continent to continent and hiding eggs in some of the most amazing places on Earth! Take part in the world's largest egg hunt today by visiting the Tripgeo Global Egg Hunt.Are you ready to undertake a global egg hunt? If so grab your basket and get ready to embark on a virtual adventure of some of the world's most
    • sur The Islamic State Attack Map

      Posted: 29 March 2024, 9:57am CET by Keir Clarke
      In the last 12 months the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for 1,121 attacks around the world. Just last week the terrorist organization claimed that four of its members carried out the attack on concert goers at the Crocus City Hall, Moscow, leaving over one hundred people dead.The Islamic State Worldwide Activity Map is attempting to track IS's global activity and to make this
    • sur The SpaceX Starlink Map

      Posted: 28 March 2024, 10:13am CET by Keir Clarke
      StarLinkMap is a new real-time animated map of the 5,601 satellites currently orbiting the Earth as part of Starlink's huge satellite internet constellation. Starlink's megaconstellation of satellites, built and operated by SpaceX, provides high-speed broadband to even the most remote corners of the globe. Launched in 2019, Starlink boasts over 5,000 satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), and
    • sur Mapping SpaceTime

      Posted: 26 March 2024, 9:37am CET by Keir Clarke
      I recently stumbled upon Time Map, an interactive map which attempts to show points of interest around a location by walking time. Enter a location into the Time Map and a venue category (eg pizza restaurants) and the map will display a series of concentric circles around your location, each of which represents a minute of walking time. All the nearby points of interest are overlaid on top
    • sur The World Air Quality Report 2023

      Posted: 25 March 2024, 9:29am CET by Keir Clarke
      IQAir has released its annual World Air Quality Report. The 2023 report reveals that last year only seven countries met the World Health Organizations' PM2.5 air pollution guideline.The IQAir Annual World Air Quality Report is a yearly analysis of global air quality, compiled by the Swiss air quality monitoring firm IQAir. The report gathers data on PM2.5 (which is particulate matter with a
    • sur The Future for Trees

      Posted: 23 March 2024, 10:09am CET by Keir Clarke
      Like many people a few years ago I realized that not only is climate change happening but that human beings as a species are doing next to nothing to prevent its escalation. I do believe that the worst excesses of climate change are still preventable. I just see very little evidence that we are making the changes necessary to stop global heating, or even slow our ever increasing rush towards
    • sur FlightRadar's New GPS Jamming Map

      Posted: 22 March 2024, 8:34am CET by Keir Clarke
      Yesterday the live real-time global plane tracking website FlightRadar released a new interactive map which detects and tracks interference and jamming of GPS signals across the world. The map uses a simple to understand colored overlay to show in near real-time areas around the globe currently experiencing levels of interference to global navigation satellite systems.  GPS jamming
    • sur The Sea Trade Monitor

      Posted: 21 March 2024, 9:27am CET by Keir Clarke
      PortWatch is a new platform which monitors disruptions to global maritime trade. The platform uses real-time data on ship traffic and maritime trade to provide an alert system on trade disruptions likely to impact shipping trade routes. Recent attacks by Houthi rebels on ships traversing the Red Sea have helped to highlight how marine trade is vulnerable to geopolitical instability..
    • sur The most mis-mapped US states

      Posted: 20 March 2024, 9:36am CET by Keir Clarke
      According to the 55,387 players of the online game 'Find the Location of ...' Texas, California and Virginia are the most well-known states in the United States. Based on the results of this popular mapping game North Dakota, Missouri and Wyoming are the least well-known's map game Find the Location of ... requires players to position the outlines of states onto a near empty
    • sur A Total Scrolly Eclipse

      Posted: 19 March 2024, 10:10am CET by Keir Clarke
      In three weeks time, on April 8, people across large parts of the USA will be able to watch a total solar eclipse. The path of totality, where the Moon's shadow completely falls during a total solar eclipse and where the view of the sun is completely obscured by the moon, will travel around 4,000 miles over North America from the Pacific Ocean west of Mexico, through 15 U.S. states, to the
    • sur Mapping the History of the Railway

      Posted: 18 March 2024, 9:58am CET by Keir Clarke
      Martin Brake has created a number of interactive maps which visualize the historical development of transport networks in Germany, London, Paris and Barcelona. His Timemap Timelines project provides an animated map for each featured city which shows how its transit network has grown over time. For example the screenshot above shows the development of the London Underground between 1858 and 1947.
    • sur Visit a Virtual Medieval Farm

      Posted: 16 March 2024, 11:14am CET by Keir Clarke
      Havrå is a collection of 36 medieval buildings in Western Norway. It is now a living museum which allows visitors to explore a traditional Norwegian cluster farm, a traditional community settlement where multiple individual farms and their houses were built close together.If you can't visit the Havrå living museum in person you can now explore the farm in virtual reality instead. The
    • sur The 100 Most Segregated School Districts in America

      Posted: 15 March 2024, 9:47am CET by Keir Clarke
      In the United States school district boundaries drawn onto economically and racially segregated neighborhoods ensure that most poor and non-white students receive a much worse education than students in the more affluent school districts.Back in 2016 NPR examined how school funding in the USA is used to ensure that the rich get the best schools. They created an interactive map which visualized
    • sur Flip Off the World with Street View

      Posted: 14 March 2024, 11:32am CET by Keir Clarke
      AI and Street View seems like the perfect match. Last month panoramai released a fun tool which allowed users to change the appearance of Google Maps Street View images based on their own AI prompts. The app became so popular it had to be turned off because of the costs being incurred by the developers (you can still browse the example images created with the app).Now a new Ai and Street View
    • sur Climate Resilient Crops

      Posted: 13 March 2024, 9:56am CET by Keir Clarke
      The Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils (VACS) has released an interactive map which visualizes how different crops will be affected by climate change in Africa. The visualization focuses on climate-resilient crop varieties in order to help identify the most promising crops for the changing climate.The VACS Explorer maps out where in Africa climate-resilient crops will likely have bigger and
    • sur Real-time Air Pollution Alerts

      Posted: 12 March 2024, 10:41am CET by Keir Clarke
      In February the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) launched an Aerosol Alerts service to provide warnings about upcoming air pollution. You can view an animated map of today's alerts on the Aerosol Alerts interactive map.Aerosols are tiny particles that are suspended in the air, which can come from both natural and human-made sources.  Natural sources of aerosols include dust
    • sur Virtual Rewind Machines

      Posted: 11 March 2024, 11:23am CET by Keir Clarke
      urban development of the Summerline West neighborhood in Las Vegas since 2014Esri's World Imagery Wayback is a virtual rewind machine which allows you to create animated GIFs of locations showing how they have changed over time.  The World Imagery Wayback interactive map provides access to satellite imagery captured over a period of years, currently stretching back to February 20, 2014.
    • sur Not Everyone Commutes by Car

      Posted: 9 March 2024, 10:00am CET by Keir Clarke
      In Canada and the United States 95% of journeys to and from work are made by car. Elsewhere in the world people often walk, cycle or use public transport in order to get to work.Cities Moving is a research project by the Complexity Science Hub of the University of Vienna, which analysed the mode of transport most commonly used for commuting to work in 794 cities in 61 countries around the
    • sur Global Climate Change Impacts

      Posted: 8 March 2024, 9:40am CET by Keir Clarke
      We have just experienced the warmest February on record. That makes it nine months in a row which have broken all previous record global temperatures. This means that over the last twelve months the world has exceeded 1.5 °C global heating compared to pre-industrial temperatures. The goal of 1.5 °C was set by the 2015 Paris Agreement because scientists believe that global heating above 1.5°C
    • sur The Distressed Communities of America

      Posted: 7 March 2024, 10:16am CET by Keir Clarke
      The Distressed Community Index from the Economic Innovation Group reveals the levels of economic well-being in all US neighborhoods. The Index uses seven different metrics to give every zipcode area a score out of 100, ranging from the most prosperous (0) to the most distressed (100).You can explore which neighborhoods in your city are the most and least distressed on the 2024 Distressed
    • sur There are 2,773 stories in the Naked City

      Posted: 6 March 2024, 10:04am CET by Keir Clarke
      The 1960's procedural police series the Naked City used to conclude every episode with the line: "There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them." If there are eight million stories in New York then The City has got quite a long way to go before it is finished reporting on them. So far it has managed to find only 2,773 stories in NYC.The City asked ChatGPT to find
    • sur Attacks on the Press Map 2023

      Posted: 5 March 2024, 9:37am CET by Keir Clarke
      More journalists have been killed in the Israel-Gaza war zone in the last three months than have ever been killed in a single country over the course of an entire year. In fact according to the Committee to Protect Journalists' annual report, Attacks on the Press, nearly 75% of journalists killed around the world in 2023 died in Israel’s war on Gaza.You can explore the results of the CPJ's
    • sur Can you Draw Europe?

      Posted: 4 March 2024, 9:55am CET by Keir Clarke
      Huge Quiz's Europe Country Drawing Challenge has quickly become my new favorite online game. This is despite the fact that I am absolutely terrible at it and have yet to achieve anything other than a totally embarrassing score.The premise of the Europe Country Drawing Challenge is very easy. All you have to do is draw European countries on top of a satellite map of Europe. For each country you
    • sur Solar Symbology

      Posted: 2 March 2024, 9:59am CET by Keir Clarke
      The one thing that you are guaranteed to see before a solar eclipse is lots of maps. With just over a month to go before April 8th's total solar eclipse new solar eclipse maps are being released almost daily. The Spanish Language television network Univision has released an interactive map which is very similar to the Bloomberg eclipse map (see below) but is even better. Like Bloomerg's
    • sur Cities Need Trees

      Posted: 1 March 2024, 10:02am CET by Keir Clarke
      Tree density in TokyoNew York needs 113.9 million more trees in order to become carbon neutral.Picterra has calculated which cities around the world have the most and least trees. Using their own geospatial AI detection platform with tree counting software and forestry monitoring tools Picterra has mapped and counted the number of trees in 26 global cities. It has then calculated how many more
    • sur Who Deserves a Monument Anyway?

      Posted: 29 February 2024, 9:25am CET by Keir Clarke
      Distribution of Confederate monumentsThanks to Geochicas and the Mapping Diversity project there has been quite a lot of data analysis undertaken over the last few years into the lack of diversity in the street names of cities around the world. According to Mapping Diversity in the 32 cities which they have analyzed "More than 90% of the streets named after individuals are dedicated to white
    • sur Online GeoJSON Editors

      Posted: 28 February 2024, 3:30am CET by Keir Clarke
      Placemark Playgeojson.ioVector GeoJSONGeoman Geojson Editor I use online geojson editors very regularly to create and edit geographical data. I find online editors particularly useful for tidying up and minimizing third-party data which I have downloaded from elsewhere. For example an editor can be very useful for previewing data exported from overpass turbo, and then manipulating that data
    • sur The Supply Chain of Deforestation

      Posted: 27 February 2024, 10:21am CET by Keir Clarke
      Palm oil production is a major contributor to deforestation, particularly in Southeast Asia. To meet the growing demand for palm oil, every year vast areas of rainforests and other ecosystems are cleared and converted into large-scale oil palm plantations. Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil globally and it is found in around half of the products in your local supermarket,
    • sur Street View Surveillance

      Posted: 26 February 2024, 9:10am CET by Keir Clarke
      The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Spot the Surveillance game is a virtual reality game which requires players to identify surveillance equipment in a panoramic image of a San Francisco street scene. Panning around this 360 degree view players are required to detect the every day surveillance equipment which is now routinely used on America's streets, such as body-worn cameras, automated
    • sur The Street Names of Budapest

      Posted: 24 February 2024, 11:11am CET by Keir Clarke
      Over 2,600 locations in Budapest have place-names which derive from people. Names and Spaces - Budapest is a fantastic mapped analysis of who Budapest's streets and public spaces were named after and what this reveals about the city's history.The map is in Hungarian but works fairly seamlessly with Google Translate in Chrome. If you don't have access to Google Translate then you can still enjoy
    • sur Four Seasons in One Map

      Posted: 23 February 2024, 9:25am CET by Keir Clarke
      Chronolog is an interactive map of timelapse photographs designed to help monitor the environment. It is a citizen science project which encourages organizations and individuals to engage with nature while recording and monitoring the changing environment.The Chronolog map allows you to explore timelapse photos of nature which have been captured around the USA (and one or two in other countries
    • sur The Cyclotron

      Posted: 22 February 2024, 9:32am CET by Keir Clarke
      The West Midlands Cyclotron uses cycle counters installed on the roads in the West Midlands to provide a near real-time data visualization of the number of cyclists using individual roads in areas of Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton (and many roads in between). The most striking aspect of the Cyclotron is the design of the LED themed data dashboard. This dashboard takes its cue from the
    • sur The World's First OpenStreetMap

      Posted: 21 February 2024, 10:22am CET by Keir Clarke
      The only thing I love more than exploring historical vintage maps of the world is exploring annotated, interactive versions of ancient world maps. Now thanks to the Museo Galileo I can browse an annotated version of the world's greatest medieval map - the Fra Mauro World Map.The Annotated Fra Mauro World Map is an interactive zoomable version of the famous 1450 Venetian map of the world. The
    • sur The Chain Restaurants of America

      Posted: 20 February 2024, 9:32am CET by Keir Clarke
      Map of McDonald's outlets in the USAThe Georgia Institute of Technology's Friendly Cities Lab has released a new interactive map which reveals which chain restaurants dominate which areas of the United States. The U.S. Chain and Independent Restaurants map shows the locations of over 700,000 restaurants across the country, organized by restaurant chain and by frequency. The map reveals that
    • sur AI Your Home on Street View

      Posted: 19 February 2024, 9:33am CET by Keir Clarke
      Have you ever wanted to radically alter the ambiance of your neighborhood? Perhaps you've always dreamed of turning your sleepy suburban road into a bustling inner-city street. Or maybe you've always wanted to dig up your nearby traffic heavy roads and replace them with green fields and trees. Well now you can - at least virtually.Panoramai is a new fun tool which allows you to grab Google Maps
    • sur The Right-Wing Terrorism Map

      Posted: 17 February 2024, 9:19am CET by Keir Clarke
      The RTV Map Tool is an interactive map showing incidents of right-wing terrorism and violence in Western Europe since 1990. It documents and shows the locations of 1,214 violent right-wing attacks in Europe. This includes acts of violence which led to 32 fatalities.The map was created by the Center for Research on Extremism, at Oslo University, which studies right-wing extremism, hate crime and
    • sur The Best Price Comparison Maps

      Posted: 16 February 2024, 9:43am CET by Keir Clarke
       The Aldi Price Map The Aldi Price Map shows the store price ticket of a range of products in US outlets of the popular budget supermarket (apparently the price data from European Aldi stores is not so readily accessible). The German supermarket chain Aldi is known for its low prices. The company now has over 2,000 stores in the United States, and in a recent poll was ranked the most
    • sur Alien Arrivals Nosedive in 2023!

      Posted: 15 February 2024, 10:43am CET by Keir Clarke
      Where have all the interstellar tourists gone? That's the question gripping the world after a bombshell report revealed a staggering 19% drop in alien visitation in 2023! Is this a sign of a permanent shift in galactic travel? Or can the Earth win back alien vacationers?According to the National UFO Reporting Center sightings of little green tourists were down 19% in 2023 compared to 2022.
    • sur The Sad State of Local News 2023

      Posted: 14 February 2024, 9:34am CET by Keir Clarke
      Northwestern University's The State of Local News Outlook is an interactive map which visualizes the number of surviving local newspapers in every county in the United States. On this local news map individual counties are clored to show whether the county has 0, 1 or 2 or more news outlets. The data shown on the map can also be filtered to show the number of local number of newspapers,
    • sur OpenStreetMap Edits in Real Time

      Posted: 13 February 2024, 8:56am CET by Keir Clarke
      OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a free, editable map of the whole world, built and maintained by a community of volunteers. It is often described as the Wikipedia of maps, to which anyone can contribute and update information. Very importantly all of the map data contributed to OpenStreetMap is open data, which anyone and everyone is free to use.In a way maps have always been produced through
    • sur The Classic Map Arcade

      Posted: 12 February 2024, 9:24am CET by Keir Clarke
      Mapbox Tetris Tetris is an iconic puzzle game that has captivated players for decades. Originally released in 1985 by Alexey Pajitnov, the game challenges you to fit differently shaped blocks, called tetriminos, into a rectangular playing field. By rotating and maneuvering these falling pieces, you aim to complete horizontal lines, which then disappear and earn you points.While Tetris has had
    • sur The Most Controversial Interactive Map

      Posted: 10 February 2024, 11:33am CET by Keir Clarke
      One of the earliest popular uses of the Google Maps API was Gawker Stalker. The now defunct Gawker Stalker interactive map tracked the movements of famous celebrities thanks to the detailed stalking carried out by Gawker and their readers. Now similar concerns are being raised regarding potential privacy infringements related to Jack Sweeney's TheAirTraffic, particularly involving the
    • sur Mappy Races

      Posted: 9 February 2024, 11:22am CET by Keir Clarke
      Every year since the 18th Century the Epsom Derby has attracted thousands of spectators. Like many Londoners I have often taken a trip to Surrey in late May or early June to attend the Derby horse race. These horse racing trips may be what inspired me to create my horse race simulator Mappy Races. Mappy Races is a very simple horse race simulator which uses Leafletjs to animate two colored
    • sur Where to Watch April's Solar Eclipse

      Posted: 8 February 2024, 10:12am CET by Keir Clarke
      On April 8, 2024 people across large parts of the USA will be able to see a total solar eclipse. If it isn't cloudy.In 1999 I traveled to France to experience a total solar eclipse. Unfortunately the experience was ruined slightly by overcast skies. What made it even more galling was to discover that a friend of mine had traveled independently from me and had a cloudless view of the eclipse
    • sur A Year of CO2

      Posted: 7 February 2024, 10:04am CET by Keir Clarke
      The Washington Post has visualized how carbon dioxide builds up in the Earth's atmosphere over the course of one year. Using an interactive globe the Post has animated 12 months worth of atmospheric CO2 around the world.The interactive globe in Watch the Earth breathe for one year uses data from NASA satellites and ground measuring stations to show how CO2 accumulated around the world over the
    • sur Mapping the Spread of War in the Middle East

      Posted: 6 February 2024, 10:04am CET by Keir Clarke
      The Hamas attacks in Israel on 7 October 2023 have led to increasing violence across much of the Middle East. In response to the Hamas attacks Israel launched a devastating and destructive campaign against Gaza. In Yemen the Houthi responded to Israel's attacks on Gaza by targeting ships in the Red Sea. The US & UK replied by targeting Houthi locations in Yemen. Israel and the US have
    • sur The 12 Best Daily Map Games

      Posted: 5 February 2024, 2:13am CET by Keir Clarke
      Ever since Josh Wardle released his very popular daily Wordle game in 2022 there has been a plethora of daily geography challenges which have been unleashed upon us, the geographically challenged public. The latest of these is Unzoomed.Every day Unzoomed presents you with the satellite image of a random city, which could be located anywhere in the world. All you have to do is name the city. You
    • sur Using AI to Detect Oil Spills

      Posted: 3 February 2024, 10:09am CET by Keir Clarke
      SkyTruth's Cerulean is a global monitoring system which uses AI to detect oil slick pollution in satellite imagery. It also identifies nearby vessels which might have been responsible for the pollution. The Cerulean interactive map identifies the locations of possible oil slicks that might go unnoticed by traditional methods, hopefully leading to faster response and cleanup efforts.Cerulean
    • sur Car Commutes are Getting Longer

      Posted: 2 February 2024, 10:13am CET by Keir Clarke
      During the height of the Covid epidemic a number of visualizations were created to show the drop in road traffic and public transit use. As people were forced to quarantine and work from home our roads and transit networks saw an observable fall in traffic.For example Buzzfeed teamed up with Mapbox to create a series of interactive mapped visualizations showing the reduction in road traffic in
    • sur Mapping Gaza's Destroyed Buildings

      Posted: 1 February 2024, 2:25pm CET by Keir Clarke
      The Guardian has used satellite imagery and open-source evidence to map the mass destruction of buildings and land in Gaza. A story-map in How war destroyed Gaza’s neighbourhoods guides you through satellite imagery of three neighborhoods in Gaza (Beit Hanoun, al-Zahra and Khan Younis) documenting the destruction of civilian infrastructure by Israel. The destroyed buildings in the
    • sur Mapping Oil and Gas Emissions

      Posted: 1 February 2024, 9:31am CET by Keir Clarke
      The Oil Climate Index plus Gas (OCI?) is an open-source tool that estimates and compares the life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of individual oil and gas resources around the world. In estimating the total emissions of individual oil and gas assets OCI? calculates emissions across the entire life cycle of oil and gas, from production and processing to transportation and end-use. The
    • sur The Five Minute Fantasy Map Maker

      Posted: 31 January 2024, 9:54am CET by Keir Clarke
      This is Middle England an interactive fantasy map which I made in under 5 minutes, using World Anvil. Middle England is a sacred a magical realm steeped in the ancient lores of rune-crafting, dream-weaving and alchemy.World Anvil bills itself as a "Worldbuilding Toolset & RPG Campaign Manager Created for Writers, Gamemasters & Creatives". One of the tools in this tool-set is a map
    • sur Using AI to Age OSM Maps

      Posted: 30 January 2024, 9:52am CET by Keir Clarke
      The screenshot above, from the SynthMap Demo, shows a side-by-side view of an Open Street Map and an AI generated map of the same OSM data changed to look like a 19th Century era Ordnance Survey map. This Victorian cosplaying map (on the right) was developed by Zekun Li, of the University of Minnesota, who trained an AI to transform OpenStreetMap data into images that resemble the
    • sur Ghost Tubebusters

      Posted: 2 January 2024, 9:55am CET by Keir Clarke
      Beneath the bustling streets of London lies a hidden network of forgotten tunnels and abandoned platforms. These are the ghost stations of the London Underground, silent remnants of a bygone era, whispered tales of lost journeys and urban legends. Your job as London's first ever official Tubebuster is to find all of London's ghost stations. In this fun game you need to read the
    • sur The True Size of Australia

      Posted: 1 January 2024, 10:12am CET by Keir Clarke
      The first thing I saw in 2024 was this Tweet by Darren Wiens:Cartographers have long known about the area distortion of the North due to the Mercator projection commonly used on web maps (e.g. Greenland vs. Africa), but weird no one talks about New Zealand being larger than Australia? See for yourself here:True Size of Australia — Darren Wiens (@dkwiens) December 31, 2023 I can assure you that
    • sur Real-Time 3D Mapping

      Posted: 30 December 2023, 10:24am CET by Keir Clarke
      Kaiwen Song and Juyong Zhang of the University of Science and Technology of China claim to be "the first to achieve real-time rendering of large-scale scenes" through the use of neural rendering. They have presented their findings to the world in their paper City-on-Web: Real-time Neural Rendering of Large-scale Scenes on the Web (the website of which includes three live demos). Neural Radiance
    • sur GeoTimeGuessr

      Posted: 29 December 2023, 10:53am CET by Keir Clarke
      Today we have a huge treat for fans of the popular GeoGuessr game. GeoGuessr is a geography game that takes you on a virtual trip around the world, blindfolded! It uses Google Street View to drop you in a random location somewhere on the planet, and your task is to figure out where you are based on the visual clues that you see around you.TimeGuessr is a very similar game to GeoGuessr - except
    • sur Subway Specs - Part III

      Posted: 28 December 2023, 10:20am CET by Keir Clarke
      Tokyo's Shinjuku Station is the world's busiest train station. Its is used by over 3.5 million passengers every day. To cope with that amount of traffic the station has to be very big. It has 35 platforms, while another 17 platforms can be accessed through hallways to 5 directly connected stations without traveling outside. With over 35 platforms and over 200 station exits it can be easy to
    • sur Santa Tracker Maps

      Posted: 24 December 2023, 10:00am CET by Keir Clarke
      Santa has begun work on his busiest day of the year. This year you can follow Santa's journey around the world, as he delivers presents to all the world's children, on both the Google Santa Tracker and the NORAD Santa Tracker. You can also follow Santa this year on the new Mapbox powered Santa Tracker.The Mapbox Santa Tracker consists of a 3D map encased in a 3D snow-globe (shake the globe to
    • sur Where Might I Live?

      Posted: 23 December 2023, 10:31am CET by Keir Clarke
      There are 3,143 counties in the USA. One of them is probably perfect for you. But which one?What makes a perfect home can depend on a number of factors. Those factors are likely to be different for every single person. Where Might I Live can find your perfect US home based on your own personal criteria. Tell Where Might I Live what factors are important to you in choosing a home and it will
    • sur Destroying People's Homes in Gaza

      Posted: 22 December 2023, 10:56am CET by Keir Clarke
      The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has begun creating interactive 3D models of destroyed homes, hospitals and businesses in order to help convey the devastation that ongoing military conflicts can have on ordinary people's lives. Using photogrammetry the ICRC has managed to create harrowing 3D models of an apartment block in Gaza destroyed by an Israeli airstrike in 2021, a
    • sur The Battle of Hong Kong

      Posted: 21 December 2023, 10:48am CET by Keir Clarke
      On the same morning that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (Sunday, December 7, 19411) they also attacked the British Crown colony of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong garrison (consisting of British, Indian and Canadian units, the Auxiliary Defence Units and Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps) managed to hold out for over two weeks. However on Christmas Day 1941 the colony finally surrendered to the
    • sur Mapping the Alien Invasion

      Posted: 20 December 2023, 10:47am CET by Keir Clarke
      The National UFO Reporting Center has released a new interactive map which allows the human resistance movement, Networked UFO Tracking Squad (NUTS), to track and organize resistance against the ongoing extraterrestrial invasion of Earth.Thanks to this new global map NUTS has been able to identify hot-spots of alien invasion activity. It is believed that these hot-spots provide a clue as to the
    • sur Coin Hoards from the Roman Empire

      Posted: 19 December 2023, 11:24am CET by Keir Clarke
      Ancient Rome had significant trade links with India, particularly during the Roman Empire under the rule of Augustus and onwards. The Silk Road and Indian Ocean trade routes facilitated the exchange of goods to Rome from India, including textiles, spices, gems, and other luxury items. You can find evidence of this trade between the Roman Empire and India on this interactive map of
    • sur The Global Birdspotting Map

      Posted: 18 December 2023, 10:34am CET by Keir Clarke
      BirdWeather uses machine learning to detect and map different species of birds around the world. The platform continuously collects sound from active audio stations distributed across the globe and provides what is effectively an automated AI bird spotting map of the world. Thousands of crowd-sourced audio stations around the world contribute audio data to BirdWeather. Using the BirdNET
    • sur How Well Do You Know New York's Subway?

      Posted: 16 December 2023, 10:56am CET by Keir Clarke
      Following the huge success of his London Tube Memory Game Benjamin Tran Dinh released a New York subway version of the game, called the New York City Subway Memory Game.Benjamin's game requires you to name all 472 New York City subway stations. The game is therefore more of a marathon than a sprint and I suspect will take you at least a few hours to complete. If you don't have that much time to
    • sur The Mapped History of the London Tube

      Posted: 15 December 2023, 10:42am CET by Keir Clarke
      In the 19th century, London was a city grappling with rapid population growth. The idea of an underground railway was conceived as a solution to the city's ever-growing traffic congestion. and to help improve travel efficiency. In 1863, the world's first underground railway, the Metropolitan Railway, opened its doors. Powered by steam locomotives, the Metropolitan Railway connected Paddington
    • sur The Historical Movie Map

      Posted: 14 December 2023, 11:00am CET by Keir Clarke
      Some of the greatest movies of all time are based on real historical events. Ever since the invention of cinema in the late 19th Century history has proven to be an endless source of inspiration for directors and writers of films. From ancient epics to more contemporary dramas, the past has provided filmmakers with a wealth of stories to tell, characters to explore, and historical settings to
    • sur Racial Profiling in Redlining Maps

      Posted: 13 December 2023, 10:35am CET by Keir Clarke
      The University of Richmond has released a large update to its amazing Mapping Inequality project. This update includes introductions to the redlining maps produced for around 80 cities, written by scholars and historians and the addition of around 100 new cities to the project.Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal black homeowners were discriminated against by redlining maps. These
    • sur Night Train to Europe

      Posted: 12 December 2023, 9:57am CET by Keir Clarke
      Last night at 8.18pm the night train to Paris left Berlin Central Station. It was the first Berlin-Paris night train in over 9 years. The new Nightjet service between the German and French capitals is yet more evidence of the resurgence of overnight rail travel in Europe. At the beginning of the 21st Century night train services in Europe were being closed at an alarming rate, thanks
    • sur The Carbon Bomb Map

      Posted: 11 December 2023, 10:23am CET by Keir Clarke
      A 'Carbon bomb' is a large-scale fossil fuel extraction project that has the potential to release massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thereby significantly contributing to climate change. These massively environmentally damaging projects usually involve the exploitation of oil reserves, coal mines, or natural gas fields. There are currently 425 fossil fuel extraction projects
    • sur Discover Your Neighborhood Tree Score

      Posted: 9 December 2023, 10:32am CET by Keir Clarke
      The Woodland Trust has released a new interactive map which reveals the amount of tree canopy cover available in thousands of UK neighborhoods. Using the map you can discover the 'tree equity score' of Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you click on your neighborhood on the Tree Equity Score UK map you can discover its 'tree equity score',
    • sur Making Animated Map GIFs

      Posted: 8 December 2023, 10:51am CET by Keir Clarke
      This morning I have been having a lot of fun playing with Darren Wien's new Fly To tool for making animated map GIF's. Using the new Fly To wizard you can easily make your own map fly-thru animations simply by pointing to a starting and ending location on an interactive map. The tool is a great way to create map fly-thru GIFs to illustrate news stories or to enhance blog or social media
    • sur Is Light Pollution Getting Better?

      Posted: 7 December 2023, 11:25am CET by Keir Clarke
      David J. Lorenz's Light Pollution Atlas 2006, 2016, 2020 includes global light pollution layers for three different years. It also includes a layer which shows where light pollution around the world has become better or worse during 2014-2020.This 2014-2020 light pollution trend layer shows that light pollution in most of the UK and France and in the eastern U.S. significantly reduced from
    • sur The Origin of Country Names

      Posted: 6 December 2023, 11:49am CET by Keir Clarke
      Did you know that Australia got its name from the Latin australis' meaning 'southern', or that Spain derives its name from a small rodent ('España' coming from 'I-Shpania', meaning "island of hyraxes")? Thanks to a new interactive map from Le Monde you can now discover the origin of every country's name in the world. If you hover over a country on the map in the article Discover the origin
    • sur Historical Sanborn Maps of America

      Posted: 5 December 2023, 10:20am CET by Keir Clarke
      From 1866 to 1977 the Sanborn Map Company produced very accurate individual building level maps of U.S. cities and towns. The Sanborn maps provided detailed information about individual city buildings in order to enable fire insurance companies to accurately calculate fire risk. In the 1960s Fire Insurance companies stopped using maps to underwrite fire risk meaning that there was no need to
    • sur Global Heating

      Posted: 4 December 2023, 10:12am CET by Keir Clarke
      In 2023 the Earth's global temperature was 1.05°C warmer than normal. This is extremely alarming as we are quickly approaching what many environmental scientists believe will be the tipping point for global heating. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has identified 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming above pre-industrial levels as a critical threshold. Beyond this point, the risks
    • sur Sea Level Rise Maps

      Posted: 2 December 2023, 10:06am CET by Keir Clarke
      Darren Wiens' new Sea Level Rise Simulation map shows how rising sea levels might effect coastlines around the world. Using the simulator you can adjust the height of the sea around the world to see what level of global heating will turn your town into the next Atlantis.Darren's map uses AWS Terrain Tiles with Mapbox GL's raster-value expression to visualize global sea levels. In very simple
    • sur The Live Music Mapping Project

      Posted: 1 December 2023, 10:21am CET by Keir Clarke
      The combination of the Covid epidemic, inner-city gentrification and austerity has had a hugely negative impact on live music venues and the live music networks of many cities. The Live Music Mapping Project has been launched to help overcome these challenges by creating detailed maps of the local live ecosystem in individual cities. Currently the project has released interactive maps for seven
    • sur The Most Popular Music in Your Town

      Posted: 30 November 2023, 10:24am CET by Keir Clarke
      SZA's Kill Bill was the most listened to song in New York and San Francisco this year. In Denver and New Orleans the most listened to song was Morgan Wallen's Last Night. While Eslabon Armado y Peso Pluma's Ella Baila Sola was the most popular tune in Los Angeles, Houston and San Diego.Spotify has released a new interactive map which reveals the most listened to songs in cities around the world
    • sur Locking Up Louisiana

      Posted: 29 November 2023, 11:34am CET by Keir Clarke
      The state of Louisiana likes putting its citizens in jail. Nearly 1 in every 100 Louisiana residents are locked up in a state prison or local jail. The reasons for Louisiana's high incarceration rates are simple. It isn't because Louisiana is full of criminals. It is because of racism and the profits to be made from enforced slave labor.I arrived at this conclusion after reading the Vera
    • sur The Live Amtrak Train Map

      Posted: 28 November 2023, 1:30am CET by Keir Clarke is a live interactive map which shows the real-time locations of passenger trains in the U.S. and Canada. The map uses colored markers to show the near real-time positions of trains from a number of different train companies in North America. The arrow on the markers show a train's direction of travel and the colors indicate the transit operators of individual trains. If you